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As insurance brokers, we believe in making a difference.  At NBP, we are known for our reliability and efficiency, delivered day after day to our individual and corporate clients.

When you trust us by asking us to take care of your insurance needs, you benefit, at no additional cost, from:

  - Knowledge and experience on the Lebanese market

  - Advice on the best products on the market

  - A centralization of all your insurance matters

  - Comparative studies among different insurers on particular products

  - A collaboration with the leading insurance companies in the Middle East

  - Tailor made products according to your specific needs

  - Special products with discounts and/or better conditions when purchased through NBP

  - Available people in case of questions, amendments and claims

Unlike tangible products, business services are inseparable from their producers; this is why we count on our human capital to integrate anticipation, responsiveness and flexibility among others to its regular interactions, in order to offer you superior and incomparable service.



Nasr Baz & Partners SAL is a leading insurance broker in Lebanon, located in Beirut, covering the whole Lebanese territory and working with partners and clients abroad.


"We promise to provide our individual and corporate clients with the finest insurance offers on the market, to help them make thoughtful decisions, and to settle their claims in a quick and efficient way”.

We have strong connections and relationships in the industry that benefit you as an individual or a corporate client, providing you with quick access to the finest policies from the main insurance providers in the region and giving you great advice on the coverage that best fits your needs and current situation.

Nasr Baz & Partners SAL was founded in 1988 by Ms. Josiane Nasr Mantoura and Mr. Guy Baz, after having 10 years of experience in the Lebanese market and in Saudi Arabia with Nasco, Karaoglan Group.

Today, after numerous years of practice, and thanks to its strong reputation and the outstanding word of mouth it is generating, Nasr Baz & Partners SAL occupies a special place in the heart of its esteemed clientele, doing the impossible to offer the best insurance deals on the market, as well as exceptional quality service and follow-up.



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We make it a point to be compliant with the Lebanese law and the international ethical standards of business.


Continuous learning

We are proud to offer various training to our employees and to attend seminars in order to provide our clients with the knowledge and service we are renowned for.



We try our best to protect the environment by reducing waste, paper use and by recycling.


Community Involvement

We are happy to help selected organisms as part of our social conscience, by volunteering and donations.



Your future is unpredictable but insurable. Life is full of surprises; let’s hope for the best outcome. While taking risks is a personal choice, being prepared is highly advised. On the other hand, being careful in your daily life does not prevent behavior of others and of nature from leading to unexpected outcomes. Let us do the necessary and protect you in either case for you to stay in the same financial position as before your potential claim.




Trust the power of proper coverage. The uncertainties of everyday life also apply at work, where incidents are inevitable. Have the one thing you can properly control, cover your business and employees and get indemnities according to your potential claim.










- When in a moving vehicle, always fasten your seat belt

- Carry your Lebanese / international driving license or your foreign driving license along with a corresponding

  equivalence with you when you are driving: it must be in accordance with the Lebanese law, under penalty of

  forfeiture of your right

- Keep your registration card in your vehicle

- Always lock the doors of your vehicle

- Don’t drink and drive | Don’t text and drive | Don’t apply make up and drive | Don’t drive drowsy

- Always put on a helmet when driving a motorcycle or performing any sport requiring protection

- Lock the doors of your property at all times

- Always keep your valuables in a locked safe

- Be a healthy consumer | Eat well | Drink responsibly | Don't smoke

- Keep your medical insurance card with you at all times

- Add a card in your wallet with your blood type and the phone number of an emergency contact

- Keep a first aid kit at home and at the office

- Provide all your employees with safety rules and add tangible protection tools for your workmen

- Travel light, get properly vaccinated when needed, and keep your travel insurance with you when abroad

- Keep important phone numbers within reach: Red cross : 140 | Police : 112 | Civil defense : 125



We are proud of our collaboration with the leading insurance companies in the Middle East, among which:

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"Our experience with Nasr Baz & Partners has been exceptional and the team has become longstanding partners of BUMC s.a.l.
The remarkable success and professionalism of the firm is a mix of dependability, responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency in consulting.
My company has benefited tremendously from the close client contact and unprecedented knowledge."

Dr. Fred G. Boustany
President & CEO

The Exclusive Distributor of Toyota & Lexus in Lebanon


"It is with high enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Nasr Baz & Partners. Our Group is working with NBP since more than 20 years and has always been completely satisfied with their performance, continuous support and advice.
As insurance experts, NBP team provides excellent assistance with high commitment, discipline and leadership. They always go the extra mile to ensure continuous customer satisfaction. I am happy to recommend the services of NBP and remain reachable to answer any question.

Mr. Charles Chamoun
Chief Operations Officer & Chief Financial Officer
Holdal Abou Adal Group



"On behalf of Debbas Holding, group of companies, and since the beginning of our partnership in 1988 when NBP started its operations, I have to praise your company for being so reliable, proactive and reactive.
You play a very important role in our regular operations, responding professionally and efficiently to all our insurance needs with sound advice and superior service quality. I am proud to express our full satisfaction.

Mr. Nabil Abi Abdallah
Chief Financial Officer
Debbas Holding SAL


"We entrusted Nasr Baz & Partners with our diversified insurance portfolio a few years back. The company is made of a team of directors and collaborators who have such a warm and efficient management style that our daily business interactions have been transformed into a trustworthy and pleasant friendship.
We strongly recommend Nasr Baz & Partners to any individual or organization in need of a worthy insurance broker."

Mr. Michel Trad
Chief Executive Officer
Saad & Trad S.A.L.



"I would like to express our sincere acknowledgement for the great efforts exhibited by your team for handling Château Ksara’s insurance portfolio for many years now ; for your professionalism and for the efficiency of services provided. A true partnership which we are proud of."

Mr. Dikran Ghazal
General Manager
Château Ksara


"My experience with Nasr Baz & Partners shifted my traditional perception of insurance. NBP acts as a partner and nurtures a perfect balance between our companies and insurance companies. Our collaboration with the latter, thanks to NBP, became extremely productive and efficient. Above all, NBP makes you rapidly trust their work and capabilities owing to the high level of ethics and care they show to each of their clients."

Mr. James Kairouz
Chief Financial Officer
Factory People

(The Grand Factory, Soul Kitchen, Reunion, AHM, Warehouse, Anya)


"We would like to praise NBP’s team for their extremely efficient and accommodating team, who work effortlessly to ensure our staffs’ requests are handled in a timely manner. We applaud them for always going the extra mile!
 It is with great pleasure that we highly recommend NBP to any individual or business."

Mrs. Dina Abou Zahr
Ampersand Holding


"I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of Vivacity/Prodigy, to express our gratitude to NBP, both our managers have expressed in great words the amount of support you have provided them while maintaining your positive posture. We are highly pleased to have chosen NBP as our insurance brokers, the difference we have noticed is tremendous!"

Mr. Roger Meguerdichian
Managing Partner
Vivacity SAL / Prodigy SAL


"Je souhaite saluer  la société Nasr Baz & Partners pour les services professionnels qu’elle fournit en termes de compréhension des besoins du client, de la qualité de réponse et d’assistance, et du rapport qualité-prix des produits proposés.

Nous sommes pleinement satisfaits des relations que nous entretenons avec cette société et nous la recommandons fortement."

Mr. Antoine Helou
Secretary General
French Embassy in Beirut


"Nasr Baz & Partners have been handling our insurance portfolio for almost 20 years with exceptional efficiency and irreproachable professionalism.
Moreover, during the course of this partnership, their appropriate and innovative advices on many insurance-related issues have been of great contribution to our company’s asset management.
We recommend Nasr Baz & Partners to any business or individual looking for a trustworthy insurance broker."

Mr. Philippe Farah
Intermedic SAL


"Nasr Baz & Partners has been our partner for more than two decades. Their commitments to provide a high service level, close follow-up and wise consultancy have been constantly confirmed. A friendly team with a professional response has minimized our internal workload related to all insurance issues and has always been able to act as a problem solver with the insurance companies.
We highly recommend Nasr Baz & Partners to anyone who is looking for a reliable insurance broker."

Mr. Eric Jureidini
Solarco Group


"We chose Nasr Baz & Partners as our Insurance Broker for all lines of business as they have a strong understanding of our work and are able to find the best product that matches our needs and budget. The team is very professional, friendly and responsive, reacting quickly and efficiently to our requests. We can rest easy knowing that Nasr Baz have our insurance covered."

Mr. Maher Chahlawi


"Dealing With Nasr Baz & Partners is a pleasure. Their positive attitude and willingness to share information and clarify issues in clear and honest way encouraged us to deal with them. Not only that , but after signing the deal, we received numerous positive feedback from our employees commending the enhanced, easier and transparent service."

Dr. Fadl Bdeir
Chief Executive Officer
Al-Akhbar Newspaper



"Twenty years ago, our relationship with Nasr, Baz & Partners started on the basis of personal friendship.
Today, Nasr Baz & Partners is, and remains, our insurance consultant not only because of personal friendship, which remains as strong as ever, but because of the highly professional advice and incredibly dedicated service they have constantly offered during all these years."

Mr. Nagi Abou Adal
Volvo Lebanon
Gabriel Abou Adal & Co S.A.L.


"On behalf of the Vanina team, I’d like to thank and commend NBP for their excellent services and methods. The team at NBP always went the extra mile to accommodate for the specificities of our business and its needs, and to carefully handle all steps and aspects of our insurance process. We’re grateful to have such dedicated partners, always showing high levels of professionalism and wonderful work ethics."

Mrs. Joanne Hayek
Vanina SAL


"We have been working with Nasr Baz & Partners for more than 20 years without ever having to worry about insurance, despite our scope of work that is very sensitive as it involves babies and children’s safety.
You managed to combine professionalism, effectiveness, availability, dedication, and friendship and that makes us feel safe in your capable hands. Thank you for always being here."

Mr. Joe Boulad and Mrs. Nicole Maassab
Managing Partners
Garderie Claire Maassab and C2C SARL


"We have been working with Nasr Baz & Partners for several years. Our experience with the team has been Incredible with a high level of professionalism and an outstanding client service. Thus, we strongly recommend any company to work along with Nasr Baz & Partners, and we guarantee you will definitely have a pleasant experience."

Mr. Salim K. Chahine
Construction Manager
DAR-CIT / Beirut Builders



At NBP, we strive for employee empowerment and progress. We value individual performance and team spirit, and give social activities and personal needs the importance they deserve.

Internships are often available at NBP. If you would like to join our dynamic team for a period of two to six months and benefit from excellent learning opportunities, we invite you to send us your application, including your résumé and your cover letter by e-mail at:

For permanent positions, we will post news describing our needs on our website and social media pages. If you wish to send us your unsolicited application, we will be pleased to keep your information and get back to you as soon as an available position matches your profile.



Address: Sodeco Square | Block D | 8th Floor | Ashrafieh | Beirut | Lebanon

Tel|Fax:  +961 1 612915|16|17

Mob:  +961 3 711502

Pay us a visit! We will be happy to discuss your goals and needs over coffee.

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